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Located in the heart of Yousef Nader & Sons Co are 34,000m² of warehousing and storage facilities for food and non-food products, 700m² of which is refrigerated storage reaching temperatures as low as -20 degrees celsius. All of which are strategically located and cover the main populated cities of Jordan such as in the heart of Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, and the port city of Aqaba, to meet our expanding sales requirements.


Considered to be the arms of Yousef Nader & Sons Co. our fleet of 75 various types of delivery trucks including 7 refrigerated are spread all throughout Jordan. Working daily and collaboratively with the warehouse, logistics and sales the fleets role is to ensure constant availability of stock, deliver orders in a timely manner, ensure proper storage of goods, and on-time delivery.


Boasting a modern packing facility fitted with the latest technology & machinery that specialize in packing both P.E & P.P bags of various sizes for sugar, rice, various grains, and legumes, as well as, vinegar and cooking oils. The factory is capable of producing around 100.000 M.Ton/Day, through the help of a highly qualified team that handles all kinds of quality control measurements to achieve all types of market and consumer needs.

Marketing Capabilities


The visibility and marketing of our brands is of our top priorities and all of which is organized internally to portray brands according to guideline specifications. Promotions and promotional materials such as displays or stands are sourced locally and strategically placed, creating better brand awareness in such a competitive environment.


Engaging directly with the customer is something we actively believe in and allows us to create a strong presence in the market, this puts us in direct contact with our consumer base. By participating in events such as HORECA (Hotel, restaurant, and catering), performing taste tests, product launches, and branded stands at various events; we are able to solidify our relationship with current and future customers.

Our Capabilities